Tame Impala Gig Poster

I was invited to create a gig poster for Dream Gigs Illustrated Project curated by @inhoodies and @manyetikbant

Dream Gigs Illustrated is a series of gig posters. Imaginary gigs that never happened, missed gigs because of time and place, gigs that are experienced first hand and have left their mark. So I decided to create poster about one of my all time favorite groups “Tame Impala”. Here is the concept of the poster:

“First I discovered Tame Impala when I saw amazing animation music video to the song named “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. I remember that I listen to this song again and again and it hooked me up. Then I listen to their whole discography, previous songs and albums. It was trippy, hypnotizing and blow my mind and I got addicted by them for a while. From this point I tried to express and illustrate my feelings on this poster. The LSD on the tongue resembling vinyl guides you to the parallel universe painted in psychedelic colors with its music. Wishing to see this group, which never came to Turkey, I imagine them playing at Zorlu PSM Studio stage with its powerful sound system and interesting stage design.”